The Rotundity of the Earth // (2011)

All songs/sounds produced by Bajir Cannon except:

Additional vocals on Track 1 - Brooklyn Community Chorus 

Backing vocals on Track 2 - Maki Itami, Susan Cannon, Kadir Cannon, Lateef Cannon, the Palardy Sisters

Backing vocals on Track 3 - Maki Itami, Susan Cannon, Kadir Cannon, Lateef Cannon 

Backing vocals on Track 6 - Lego Class Children's Choir 

Vocals on Track 7 - Maki Itami 

Vocals on Track 8 - Max Goldblatt, Maki Itami 

Guitar on Track 8 - Max Goldblatt 

Original production of Track 8 - Tim Jones 

Vocals on Track 9 - Maki Itami 

Backing vocals on Track 10 - Kabir Green 

Track 1 written by Kabir Green & Bajir Cannon 

Track 3 written by Leonard Gershe & Rogers Edens [Warner Bros; all rights reserved] 

Cover photo - Andy Vernon-Jones 

The following review is complete bullshit:

“Singing such Twentieth Century classics as ‘[Forty Breaths]’ and ‘[Sad + Depressed (U'r Sexy)],’ he sent a matinee houseful of teen-agers and other music-lovers into an orgy of hand-clapping, foot-stamping and tonsil-straining screaming. It is extremely doubtful that the [Yellow Springs Puppet] Theater has ever seen a more enthusiastic audience.”

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